Accommodation In Limpopo

Thully Teams Guesthouse

A perfect setting in the heart of Limpopo, the luxurious guesthouse is located in Polokwane offering a pristine deeply shaded glades and lush flower gardens, the prevailing sense of elegance, peaceful and quiet environment, the garden creates a sanctuary of tranquillity and spectacular sunsets. Guests leave feeling refreshed, revitalized and with fond memories of their experience at this tranquil haven

Accommodating you in the best possible way.

accommodation in limpopo
  • Thully Teams offer a tranquil, luxurious resting place where you will feel at home, whether you are on business or on a holiday.
  • our guesthouse is within Polokwane the vibrant and tranquil capital of Limpopo province, our strategic location makes it easily accessible.
  • we are located in the safe heartbeat of the city mere metres from the CBD ensuring that all other complimentary facilities are within reach.
  • What really sets Thully Teams apart from other guesthouses is our friendly and attentive staff for whom client satisfaction is a way of life.
  • We have options of standard and luxury accommodation ranging from modern design rooms, we get that there’s more to your travels than stylish and classic accommodation and we pride ourselves in offering accommodation that will satisfy our client’s needs.